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Durham County 95-95-95 Targets (2020) PLHIV: 1,807




Data from January-June 2020

Source: Provided by Durham County

Durham County HIV Care Continuum (2020) PLHIV: 1,807





Data from January-June 2020

Source: Provided by Durham County

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Message from the Chair

“I am proud of Durham for working together to end this disease that continues to threaten the health and vitality of our citizens. With our successful, comprehensive partnerships in the community, we will continue to educate our residents, support our healthcare providers and make continued progress to end AIDS.”

Brenda A. Howerton
Durham County Chair
Message from the Mayor

“Our community is stronger when we work as one, striving to care for our neighbors together. We are fortunate to have so many resources and dedicated and caring individuals right here in Durham. This is an achievable goal and I commit to doing all that is necessary to fully achieve our 95-95-95 goals. We can do this Durham!”

Mayor Elaine O’Neal
Mayor of Durham

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Community Leadership Messages

"I became Durham’s Health Department Director at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I have seen from the front line how resilient and connected our community is. I witnessed our community pull together to support and uplift each other during some tough days and I know that Durham, NC can rise to meet the Fast-Track Cities 90-90-90 target goals."

Rodney Jenkins
Public Health Director
Durham County Health Department

“Everyone should know their status. Getting tested and supporting your health is the best path forward to ensure that the people of Durham have full, happy, and healthy lives. Knowing your status allows you to get the support with the appropriate care to give you a life where you keep you and your partners safe. HIV does not have to be navigated alone and is completely manageable with proper treatment.”

J. Clapp
Executive Director
LGBTQ Center of Durham

“The sense of community is real in Durham. I have witnessed the care and consideration given to the needs of Durham. I have seen the impact of the work done to improve the well-being of Durham residents. If there is a place that can reach the Fast Track Cities 90-90-90 target, it is Durham. The model for an encompassing, accessible, and engaging effort is there and that is why success is possible.”

Creative, Educator & Community Activist

“I am very enthusiastic to work with our team on the Fast Track Cities initiative here in Durham County, North Carolina. The partnerships between our health department, community organizations, and academic centers provide great momentum to help end the HIV epidemic. I feel confident when I speak with my patients that we will see the end of HIV in this lifetime.”

Mehri S. McKellar, MD
Infectious Diseases Specialist
Duke University School of Medicine

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