Maputo 95-95-95 Targets (2021)




Source: IMASIDA 2015

Maputo HIV Care Continuum (2015)





Source: IMASIDA 2015

Message from the Mayor

It is a satisfaction that Maputo City is part of this family where together we strive to achieve the same goal: 90-90-90 and zero stigma and discrimination. During this mission, we will ensure that the response to this epidemic is inclusive, leaving no one out, or behind. Quality health services should be available to all residents on an equitable basis. Together with other sectors and institutions, looking to the same horizon, we will control the epidemic and ensure an HIV-free generation in this city.

Eneas Comiche
Mayor of Maputo

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Community Leadership Messages

“In order to achieve the 90-90-90 goals by 2030, we need to ensure that everyone has access to health care services as a consecrated right, without stigma, discrimination, and that health care is clinically adequate and of good quality."

Sheila Santana Afonso
State Secretary of Maputo City

"We continue our involvement of all actors in society, particularly civil society, public and private sectors to achieve the objectives of the Fast-Track Cities Initiative. Community actors must also be actively involved in the community response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic."

Samuel Quive
Provincial Executive Secretary

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