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Paris 95-95-95 Targets (2018) PLHIV: 28,335




Source: Provided by the City of Paris

Paris HIV Care Continuum (2018) PLHIV: 28,335




Source: Provided by the City of Paris

Mayor's Message

"We all share the same certainty: We no longer have the right to see and bear the worsening of the HIV epidemic when solutions exist. And because these solutions exist, we have no excuse for inaction. AIDS is a political fight, so I want to say it loud and clear: Paris is committed to ending the AIDS epidemic."

- Anne Hidalgo
Mayor of Paris, France

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Community Leadership Messages

'This strategy cannot be thought and implemented without coordination among health authorities and other regional authorities because the population moves around a lot within the limits of Paris, to work, for entertainment and also to seek health care.'

France Lert
Epidemiologist and Lead Author of the Paris Strategy

'AIDS is a prism that can comprehensively address how a society deals with its marginalized populations, treats its patients, and looks at itself. It is a mirror of inequality, exclusion, positions of power.'

Eve Plenel
Executive Director

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