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Salvador de Bahia 90-90-90 Targets (2017) PLHIV: 21,000




Source: Provided by the City of Salvador

Salvador de Bahia HIV Care Continuum (2017) PLHIV: 21,000





Source: Provided by the City of Salvador

Mayor's Message

"Salvador was one of the first capitals in the Northeast to commit to Accelerating the Local Response to AIDS by reducing its impact on public health by 2030. The response to AIDS depends on care strategies that are strongly related to health promotion and human rights policies. It is a commitment of the municipality, to expand the diagnosis, the timely treatment of people living with HIV / AIDS and reach the vulnerable population based on good care practices based on zero discrimination."

Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto
Mayor of Salvador

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Community Leadership Messages

“HIV treatment is freely available in Brazil, since the beginning of epidemic. However, although the numbers are quite stable overtime, we are facing an increasing risk of infection in young people, making essential an effort to prevent the dissemination of HIV in specific populations like MSM and transgender individuals. This will require fighting stigma and discrimination, besides improving the prevention strategies, to stop this concerning trend. Fast Track Cities initiative certainly will help us to boost such efforts.”

Carlos Brites
Professor of Infectious Diseases
School of Medicine, Universidade Federal da Bahia

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