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Yaoundé 95-95-95 Targets (2020)




Source: UNAIDS NAOMI 2020

Yaoundé HIV Care Continuum (2020) PLHIV: 85,736




Source: UNAIDS NAOMI 2020

Message from the Mayor

The Yaounde city stakeholders are engaged towards accelerating their HIV response for the attainment of the 90-90-90 targets by the year 2020. Although the unprecedented COVID- 19 pandemics may delay our actions, it would however not deter us from the vision of elimination in the next decade as we will capitalize on the uptake of resilient strategies for the HIV response.

Zibi Catherine
2nd Deputy Mayor, Yaoundé District II
Message from the Mayor

The zero stigma and discrimination targets are critical components for attaining an AIDS-Free generation by the year 2030. We, the stakeholders of the Yaounde V municipality are engaged towards ending all forms of stigma. The time to redouble our efforts is now, we now have the knowledge and the expertise, all we need is a joint effort. We are all invited to become stigma mitigation ambassadors for the attainment of this goal. The Fast-Track Cities E-Learning platform is open to us to strengthen our capacities. I thus invite all health workers to take these free training modules for a synergistic fight against the stigma and discrimination.

Bala Augustin
Mayor of Yaoundé District V
Message from the Mayor

Education is key to the attainment of our target. Through education, we believe our population, and particularly our youth will learn to develop and maintain safer behaviors for the prevention of HIV.

Onambele Bindzi Clémentine
3rd Deputy Mayor, Yaoundé District I
Message from the Mayor

The existence of inequalities/ disparities in socio-economic status has contributed to the spread of HIV and other diseases in our communities. It is thus critical that we harness our efforts to improve the quality of life and close the inequality gaps for our population.

Gabriel B. Effila
Mayor of Yaoundé District IV
Message from the Mayor

Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic is an ambitious but not an impossible target. There is a high need for intersectoral collaboration and effective decentralization with the aim of increasing access to essential commodities and services for the high-risk and most needy communities.

Yoki Onana Jacque
Mayor of Yaoundé District VI

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Community Leadership Messages

For more than 15 years, “Horizons Femme” has been contributing to the fight against HIV/AIDS with the support of its partners, particularly through the screening and care of sex workers living with HIV. Its community-based ARV dispensation program promotes close monitoring of PLHIV. Similarly, the socio-economic integration programs for women living with HIV have had an impact on the achievement of the UNAIDS 3rd 90 target.

Ngatchou Denise
Executive President
Horizons Femmes, Cameroon

My message is to reassure all woman living with HIV who want to have children that, PMTCT is the best way to bring forth HIV-negative children into the world. To achieve this result, it is important to be compliant with treatment, to follow all the instructions given by a health care provider. Let's live positively, let's protect all those around us, let's raise awareness in order to limit transmission.

Francine Nganhale
Mother-to-Mother Mentor

“It is certain that ending the AIDS epidemic will mean a lot to many people. The end of AIDS will mean zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths, and the opportunity for all to live with dignity and without fear of discrimination. It also means that people will be celebrating birthdays rather than attending funerals.”

Chyrol Kounkeu
Executive Director
Cameroonian Association for the Development and Empowerment of Vulnerable People

"Women play a critical role in the fight against HIV. Our role as leaders and husbands is not just to strengthen the HIV/AIDS educational programs for women and girls but also to facilitate their access to HIV care and treatment services. We are thus calling on all men to support their wives, sisters, and children in the uptake of the available services as we are determined to improve the quality of care in our health facilities."

Dr. Vogue Noel
Regional RH/PMTCT Focal Person (Centre Region)

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