Bamako 95-95-95 Targets (2016) PLHIV: 14,300




Bamako HIV Care Continuum (2016) PLHIV: 14,300




Message from the Mayor

“My goal is to ensure that Bamako becomes an AIDS-free city.”

The Mayor of the District of Bamako is a signatory to the Fast-Track Cities commitment that has been renewed during the 9th African and Francophone Conference on HIV and hepatitis in April 2018 in Bordeaux, France. In our capacity as municipal authorities, we have an important role to play in the fight against HIV and AIDS. We strongly believe that the days of AIDS are numbered.

Adama Sangaré
Mayor of the District of Bamako
Department of health

Health Department Director’s name:

Dr. Aly Dit Agali WELE

Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene (CLS/MSHP)

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“After 25 years in the struggle against AIDS, I am still hopeful that we can win the war on HIV. I believe that it is possible to have an AIDS-free City.

ARCAD-SIDA is the only structure that provides care to persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Mali. It was founded in 1994. Its mission is to help control the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the general population and amongst the most vulnerable populations. By the end of December 2017, ARCADSIDA through its PEC sites, recorded 23,208 patients regularly undergoing treatment. 21,514, that is 92.7% of the people infected, were under ARV treatment.

My advice to young people and to all women in Mali is to protect themselves and to prevent their children from getting infected with HIV and AIDS. To achieve that, we should more than ever get girls into school and empower women. All pregnant women in Mali must accept to undergo screening so that they can have healthy and AIDS-free children. Antiretroviral treatment should be easily available to all women tested HIV positive because these drugs are effective and free everywhere in Mali."

Dr. Dembélé Bintou Keita
Executive Director, ARCAD-SIDA/Mali
Officer of the National Order of Mali

“An AIDS-free city is possible if only we are first all aware of our HIV status. Everyday, I receive people infected and affected with HIV. I carry out screening and distribute ARV drugs to patients. I call on all female sex workers to go for screening and treatment if they are tested positive for us to have an AIDS-free city."

Diominè Dady Camara
Nurse and Community Health Worker, Reproductive Health Clinic in Halles de Bamako

“Together, let’s fight against the spread of HIV for an AIDS-free city.

My job involves bringing together associations of PLHIV into a network to undertake joint actions to put an end to HIV and AIDS in Mali. Discrimination and stigma are still very present in Mali and most often are a hindrance to our actions on the field. Currently, I am under antiretroviral treatment. I have a normal and undetectable viral load. The world needs to understand that HIV is no longer synonymous to a death sentence. With free access to medication everywhere and for all, it is possible to live with HIV and hope for an AIDS-free city."

Ali Djerma
Coordinator, AFAS/Mali Member of the Network of People Living with HIV in Mali (RMAP+)

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