Houston/Harris County 95-95-95 Targets (2020) PLHIV: 36,481




Source: Provided by the Houston Health Department

Houston/Harris County HIV Care Continuum (2020) PLHIV: 36,481





Note: Care continuum proportions are calculated out of the number of PLHIV diagnosed

Source: Provided by the Houston Health Department

Message from the County Judge

“We are proudly reaffirming our commitment to helping those living with HIV/AIDS and to ending the epidemic. We will continue to provide the best quality care for our HIV/AIDS community and work to stop new transmissions from occurring, but we know there is so much more to be done.”

Lina Hidalgo
Harris County Judge
Message from the Mayor

“Ending HIV is not only a lifesaving endeavor, but it is also an economically sound approach that saves millions of dollars in health care costs. I’m proud to add Houston as a Fast-Track City, complementing the quality work of the Houston Health Department in ending the HIV epidemic.”

Sylvester Turner
Mayor of Houston
Department of health


Stephen L. Williams

Houston Health Department

8000 North Stadium Drive Houston, Texas 77054


Houston Health Department

Health Authority

Dr. David Persse

Houston Health Department

8000 North Stadium Drive Houston, Texas 77054


Interim Executive Director

Gwen Sims, Med, RD, LD

Harris County Public Health

2223 West Loop South Houston, TX 77027


Harris County Public Health

Local Health Authority

Dr. Sherri D. Onyiego MD, PhD, FAAFP

Harris County Public Health

2223 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027


São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"We are still living in a pandemic with HIV, and we need to normalize HIV testing if we want to reach zero new transmissions. The only way we will be able to achieve this, is by bringing testing back front and center in our community, and bringing different voices of other HIV activists in the community together to reach our goal to END HIV once and for all."

Josh Mica
HIV Activist
POZ Impact Houston Radio Show

"Houston created its first jointly developed Comprehensive HIV Prevention and Care Services Plan at least five years prior to HRSA requiring this of other jurisdictions. PLWH and stakeholders developed a PLWH driven and led plan to end HIV in Houston at least three years prior to a Federal announcement of a similar national effort. By keeping the values and vision of PLWH centered, viewing challenges and solutions through a racial and social justice lens was maintained throughout that process. Our history of near decade long cooperation has not just strengthened partnerships but prepared us to finally end HIV. Contigo hasta que terminemos."

Steven Vargas, (He, Him, His, Él)
Community Co-Chair
Houston HIV Prevention Community Planning Group

"In the early 1990’s, most of us never dreamt that we would live to see our next birthday. It’s because of programs like the Ryan White Program that people in the United States who are living with HIV have access to medication, care, and housing. With strategies like our local plan to end the HIV epidemic, I am hopeful that there will be a time when new HIV diagnoses will be rare; but we have a lot of work to do, and it will take current leaders and new to make this a reality for Harris and surrounding counties."

Tana Pradia
Chair, Houston EMA Ryan White Planning Council
Co-Founder, Houston Chapter, Positive Women’s Network

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