Kingston and St. Andrew 95-95-95 Targets (2021) PLHIV: 9,861




Source: Ministry of Health Treatment Database and Epidemiology Report

Kingston and St. Andrew HIV Care Continuum (2021) PLHIV: 9,861





Source: Ministry of Health Treatment Database and Epidemiology Report

Mayor's Message

“As Mayor of Kingston, it is my pleasure to support and have our city participate in the Fast-Track Cities initiative.

A key component in reducing new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths is reducing and eliminating the stigma and discrimination associated with getting tested for HIV and knowing your HIV status.

The most urbanized parishes in Jamaica have the greatest cumulative number of reported HIV cases. Therefore, as custodians of the well-being of the city of Kingston, the most urbanized city in Jamaica, we have a vested interest in the success of the Fast-Track Cities initiative.

Saber es poder or Knowledge is power. This is the approach I encourage people to take regarding their HIV status. Know your HIV status! Get tested for HIV! And be better able to prevent new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths.

Kingston will, through this global network, improve the number of persons who are aware of their status and receive ARV treatment while simultaneously combatting stigma and discrimination through increased knowledge and awareness that we will obtain from this initiative.

It is my pleasure to partner with UNAIDS and IAPAC as we make a united effort to advance the welfare and healthcare of those who are affected by HIV around us.”

Delroy Williams
Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew
Department of health

Ministry of Health National HIV/STI Program

Nicola Skyers

Senior Medical Officer

10-16 Grenada Way, Kingston 5

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"We need to renew our efforts to ensure that all persons living with HIV are aware of their status, retained on treatment, and empowered and supported to adhere fully. We also need to be more creative in reaching those most at risk so that we can reduce the number of persons becoming newly infected."

Dr. John Peter Figueroa
Department of Community Health and Psychiatry
University of the West Indies

“The social determinants of HIV demand a response that transcends the boundaries of health sectors. We cannot address HIV and AIDS without addressing institutionalized discrimination of women, gender-based violence, poverty, social exclusion and inequality.”

The Honorable Delroy Chuck QC, MP.
Minster of Justice
Jamaica Ministry of Justice

“Treatment as a method of prevention is another benefit of these new guidelines as more PLHIVs are virally suppressed, the risk of transmission decreases. Testing is, therefore, a critical tool in the management and treatment of this disease.”

Dr. Simone Spence
Director, Health Services Planning and Integration
Ministry of Health and Wellness

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