Lisbon 95-95-95 Targets (2018) PLHIV: 7,573




Source: ECDC HIV Modelling Tool

Lisbon HIV Care Continuum (2018) PLHIV: 7,573





Source: ECDC HIV Modelling Tool

Mayor's Message
Carlos Moedas
Mayor of Lisbon
Department of health

Marta Temido

Minister of Health

Avenida João Crisóstomo, nº 9 1049-062, Lisboa

+351 213305000

Luís Pisco

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regional Administration of Lisbon and Tagus Valley (ARS VLT)

Avenida Estados Unidos da América, nº 77, 1749-096 Lisboa

+351 21 842 48 00

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“I think community involvement in the development and implementation of actions, strategies and services related to HIV is crucial to their success. Many of the challenges we face when tackling the epidemic are related to the psycho-social well-being of the people living with HIV as well as to the lack of a strategy addressing the specific needs of individuals and communities. As long as people living with HIV remain invisible and silent, we'll only able to dream of the fourth 90 (90% of the people with an undetectable viral load having an overall good quality of life and long-term health), but to achieve it, we need our stories to be unfolded, told and taken into consideration. What FTC means to me is an institutional commitment to effectively redesign actions and strategies at a local and international level. I'm hopeful. And proud.”

Paolo Gorgoni
Member of the Deliberative Committee of Fast-Track Cities Lisbon (Lisboa, Cidade Sem Sida)

"Today is a historic day because, once again, Portugal proves that when we work together nothing is impossible. After winning the European Football Championship and the Eurovision Song Contest, it is now time to win the fight against AIDS. By working together, the government, city mayors, national health institutions, the social and private sector and civil society, we will build a better country, free of HIV and free of discrimination. Together we will always be stronger!"

Fernando Araújo
Former Assistant
Secretary of State Assistant and of Health, Portugal

“Political leadership is needed to facilitate access to health services, including for HIV, to migrant populations, whose HIV prevalence is increasing, especially in big cities. Portugal has become again a leading example on public health and human rights-based policies by removing all barriers on access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections for undocumented migrants in 2017.”

Luis Mendão
Grupo de Ativistas em Tratamentos (GAT)

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