Miami-Dade 95-95-95 Targets (2020) PLHIV: 31,024




Source: HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile, Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade HIV Care Continuum (2020) PLHIV: 31,024





NOTE: Data for 2020 should be interpreted with caution due to the impact of COVID-19 on HIV testing, care-related services, and case surveillance activities in state and local jurisdictions

Source: HIV/AIDS Epidemiological Profile, Miami-Dade County

Mayor's Message
Francis X. Suarez
Mayor, City of Miami
Mayor's Message
Daniella Levine Cava
Mayor, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Department of health
São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“The biggest misconception is that you are going to die! That your life is over and no one will ever love you with this condition! This is far from the truth. You can live a full life with HIV/AIDS. I may be living with AIDS, but first I am a woman. Just follow your treatment plan and do not let a virus define you”

Maria Mejia
Activist and woman living with AIDS

"The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade is committed to fighting the spread of HIV in our community through the work of the Fast Track Initiative. It is vital to come together as a community from all areas and be disruptive innovators against the HIV epidemic."

Dr. Yesenia D. Villalta, APRN, DNP, MSN
Administrator/Health Officer
Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County

“Miami continues to be an HIV/AIDS epicenter in the United States. We must continue to work together to defeat this epidemic, making sure we do not leave our most vulnerable populations behind.”

Dr. Allan E Rodriguez
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Fast-Track Cities KOL
Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

“Having been personally involved and working for an organization that has been fighting against HIV/AIDS for over 25 years, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with communities around the world in efforts to eradicate the virus in our lifetime.”

Daniel T. Wall
Assistant Director, Office of Management and Budget and Project Director, Ryan White Part A Program

“ For the good of a city, where more than one out of every 100 people has HIV, where we have an explosive drug epidemic, let's hope 2016 is the year the Legislature helps us do what's best for Miami."

Dr Hansel Tookes
Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami

“Miami continues to be significantly impacted by HIV: however, I am confident that new initiatives such as the Florida’s Plan to Eliminate HIV Transmission and Reduce HIV related deaths, the Mayor’s G2Z Task Force and the inclusion in the Fast Track Cities will create the momentum that is needed to put an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our county”

Kira A. Villamizar
Director STD/HIV Prevention Program
Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County

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