Nevada 95-95-95 Targets (2021) PLHIV:




PLHIV retained in care is used as a proxy for PLHIV on ART

Source: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Office of HIV

Nevada HIV Care Continuum (2021) PLHIV:





Care continuum proportions are calculated out of number of PLHIV diagnosed

Source: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Office of HIV

Message from the Governor

“Nevada is proud to join the global effort to combat HIV and be the first U.S. state represented on the Fast-Track HIV Dashboard. We are committed to reducing the impact of HIV and have employed the seven pillars of the initiative with the goal of ending this epidemic. Through early diagnosis, quick and effective treatment, protection for those at risk and rapid response we will be able to improve and protect the health of our citizens.”

Steve Sisolak
Governor of Nevada
Message from the State Senator

“Ending the HIV epidemic is a goal shared by every leader in the state of Nevada. That’s why we’re taking significant steps to treat HIV as a public health issue, not a crime, improve the lives of those living with HIV, and expanding HIV testing so every Nevadan knows their status. Together, we can reach the goal of ending HIV by 2030.”

Carolyn Goodman
Mayor of Las Vegas
FTCI Taskforce Members

Ending the HIV Epidemic Workgroup

604 W. Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89509

Mission: Ending the HIV Epidemic in Nevada through community collaboration and connection Point of Contact: Victoria Young, MPH Point of Contact Title: Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center- Nevada Statewide Capacity Building Manager

Northern Nevada HIV Prevention Planning Group

Washoe County Health District, 1001 E. Ninth Street, Building B, Reno, Nevada 89512

Mission: To reduce and/prevent acquisition and/or transmission of HIV in Northern Nevada through community involvement in a prevention planning process, leading to an end of HIV in Nevada. Point of Contact: Jennifer Howell Point of Contact Title: Public Health Co-Chair

Southern Nevada HIV Prevention Planning Group

280 S Decatur Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89127

Mission: To reduce and prevent the exposure to and/or transmission of HIV in Southern Nevada through community involvement in a prevention planning process leading to a Nevada Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan ensuring effective evidence-based intervention prevention programs and care activities that are responsive to community-identified needs within prioritized populations. Point of Contact: Cheryl Radeloff Point of Contact Title: Public Health Co-Chair

Southern Nevada Health Consortium

Mission: Through Education, Awareness, Reduction of Stigma and Collaboration, we are improving the health of people living in Southern Nevada. Point of Contact: Chris Reynolds Point of Contact Title: Executive Director / President

Las Vegas TGA Ryan White Part A Planning Council

2820 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste B-15 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Member Email: Mission: The Planning Council is dedicated to developing and coordinating an effective and comprehensive plan for healthcare and support services in the Las Vegas TGA to improve the quality and availability of care for individuals and families with HIV, including hard‐to‐reach and traditionally underserved populations. Point of Contact: Thomas Rodriguez-Schucker or Michael Koran Point of Contact Title: Planning Council Support Staff

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"The Southern Nevada HIV prevention and care community has the passion, persistence, innovation, and courage to end the HIV epidemic. While we have accomplished so much, there is more work to be done to educate the community; challenge stigma; identify and resolve health disparities among marginalized communities; and ensure that all people living with HIV/AIDS have the medical care and support they need to thrive. I am proud to be a part of this community and excited for the impact we will make together."

Heather R. Shoop, MSW
Project Director
Ryan White Part A & Ending the HIV Epidemic Clark County, NV

“Ending HIV is within reach and we could not be more committed to serving our community with that goal in mind. Our partnership with the Southern Nevada Health District is essential in providing excellence in service to our community and we are proud to partner with other Fast-Track Cities in such vitally important work.”

Dr. John Waldron
LGBTQ+ Community Center of Southern Nevada

“Nevada is proud to be at the forefront of ending the HIV epidemic. During a time when the legislatures of some U.S. states are moving to eliminate the civil rights of marginalized and disenfranchised communities, Nevada continues to build on its legacy of supporting legislation and initiatives that uphold the rights and dignity of all. As a Fast-Track City, Las Vegas joins with other global cities in committing to work collaboratively to decrease stigma, increase availability of testing, provide treatment, and prevent transmission of HIV. Every person living with HIV deserves access to effective treatment in a setting that offers respect and understanding. An enduring partnership between all levels of government, healthcare providers, community organizations and the people most affected by HIV, will help us jointly reach the goal of making HIV a thing of the past.”

André C. Wade, MPA
State Director
Silver State Equality

"Prior to my initial ARC (AIDS Related Complex) diagnosis I was hopeless and lost in drugs. Little did I know, my diagnosis was going to change my life for the better as I have been clean and sober ever since. Throughout the years, I have seen both positive and negative changes with HIV/AIDS; medication being a positive change. The advancement of antiretroviral therapy has made it easier for many people living with HIV to adhere to medication and live longer lives. We must seize this opportunity and not let our diagnoses define us; we are so much more than that!"

Joshua Montgomery
Disease Investigator and Intervention Specialist II (DIIS II)
Southern Nevada Health District

"When I was first diagnosed, Stigma kept me from seeking out the care and treatment I needed and even from acknowledging my own diagnosis. Now 36 years later, I still see people dealing with that same issue that is keeping them from getting tested or seeking care. We need to tackle the stigma of HIV, whether it be around testing, Living with HIV, or PrEP usage. We have so many tools in our arsenal to fight HIV, i.e., Treatment as Prevention (TAsP), U=U, PrEP, yet we are still having new infections diagnosed and people dying every day from complications of HIV. Stigma is our biggest barrier. We all play a part in Ending this Epidemic regardless of our status. Engage people, both Positive and Negative, to play their role and invite them to be a part of this war to End HIV. We can Succeed!"

Chris Reynolds
HIV/PrEP. President
Alto Pharmacy. Southern Nevada Health Consortium

"When you think about health, think about harm reduction."

Chelsi Cheatom
Senior Manager
Trac-B Exchange

“I am incredibly fortunate to work as part of a trusted organization that supports providers in advancing quality programs to improve the health of our community. UMC’s leadership team made it possible for us to develop the first HIV emergency department screening program in the city. I am also incredibly fortunate to live in a state where our policymakers recognize the important role of all Nevadans in ending the HIV epidemic. Beyond being a Fast-Track City, Nevada has signed on as a Fast-Track State.”

Rosanne Sugay
UMC Wellness Center

"Live on the edge because the middle is too crowded"

John (Rob) Phoenix, MSN
Chief Medical Officer, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Huntridge Family Clinic

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