Phoenix 95-95-95 Targets (2021) PLHIV:




90-90-90 targets were calculated based on PLHIV diagnosed in the prior five years.

Source: City of Phoenix

Phoenix HIV Care Continuum (2021) PLHIV:




HIV Care Continuum proportions are calculated out of number of PLHIV diagnosed.

Source: City of Phoenix

Message from the Mayor

“In October 2016, the Phoenix City Council authorized the city to join the Fast-Track Cities Initiative. HIV/AIDS is an issue that affects everyone, and it demands an all-inclusive long-term solution. I am proud of the work the City of Phoenix has already accomplished but know there is much more to be done. Together we will work to end this disease in our city once and for all, and remove the unfair stigma associated with people living with HIV/AIDS."

Kate Gallego
Mayor of Phoenix
Message from the Councilwoman

“Everyone deserves to live a life free of illness and stigma. I am incredibly proud of the success and accomplishments of Phoenix’s Fast-Track Cities Ad-Hoc committee, but I know we still have a long way to go. Together, we will continue to work to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.”

Debra Stark
Phoenix Councilwoman
FTCI Taskforce Members

Fast-Track Cities Ad-Hoc Committee

Jose Vega

Manager, HIV/STI Programs

Kado Stewart

Deputy Director, one-n-ten

Rebecca Wininger

Chief Operations Officer, Orixx

Calicia White

Program Director, Ebony House, Inc

Guillermo Velez

Complete Care Administrator, Banner University Health Plans

Dr. Thanes Vanig

HIV Specialist, Specturm Medical Group

Keith Thompson

CEO, Phoenix Shanti Group

Peter Taylor

Board Member, International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS

Glen Spencer

Executive Director, Aunt Rita's Foundation

John Sapero

Office Chief, HIV Prevention, Arizona Department of Health Services

Dr. Janice Piatt

Director, Bill Holt Pediatric HIV Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital

David Martinez III

Director, Capacity Building & Community Engagement Vitalyst Health Foundation

Teresa Aseret-Manygoats

Office Chief, Arizona Health Disparities Center at Arizona Department of Health Services

Angela Hughey

President, One Community

Debbie Rubenstrunk

U.S. Executive Director, International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS

Kenja Hassan

Director, Cultural Relations & Special Projects, Arizona State University

Kim Covington

Senior Director of Community Initiatives, Arizona Community Foundation

Jamal Brooks-Hawkins

Program Manager, Terros

Chavon Boston

Special Needs Program, AZ Housing

Councilwoman Debra Stark

Co-Chair, city of Phoenix

Councilwoman Laura Pastor

Co-Chair, city of Phoenix

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

​"HIV/AIDS is an issue that affects everyone, and it demands an all-inlcusive, holisitc solution. I am proud of the work the ad-hoc committee has accomplished in volunteering so many hours to develop a plan to implement the Fast-Track Cities Initiative in Phoenix."

Laura Pastor
City of Phoenix, District 4

“One critical goal this initiative hopes to accomplish is to eliminate the stigma of HIV by educating the community so that this is no longer a deadly disease. The stigma that people carry internally can have devastating consequences. HIV positive individuals often fear the reaction of those closest to them due to the stigma surrounding this condition.”

Kenja Hassan
Director, Cultural Relations, Office of University Affairs
Arizona State University

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