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"Bucharest joined the other capitals in the fight towards a world without AIDS. The people fighting the epidemics are supported by the courage of the others: from individuals to communities, from families to public institutions, everyone is involved in reaching this objective. The General Council of Bucharest is part of this fight. For us, solidarity and involvement means supporting those fighting this battle. As such, we approved the agreement between the City of Bucharest and ARAS – the Romanian Association against AIDS, which means HIV prevention services, but also social and professional reintegration for the vulnerable persons in the capital. We are aware that the road is still long, that we live in a world where marginalization and stigma are still present, but we work towards changing this environment and supporting the improvement of life conditions of vulnerable persons, regardless of sex, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, social status, etc."

Valentin Voicu
Councilor in the General Council of Bucharest, Member of the Health and Social Protection Commission
Nicușor Dan
Mayor of Bucharest
Mayor's Office

Gabriela Firea, Mayor

Bucharest Mayoralty Regina Elisabeta Blvd. no. 47, Sector 5, Bucharest

021 / 305.55.00

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"The right to health is a fundamental human right. Bucharest, as a capital, must be an example in supporting the human rights of the most vulnerable populations, and we, NGOs, must work together with the City for reaching this objective."

Nicoleta Dascalu
Project Manager

“Bucharest, as a Fast-Track City, must commit to attaining the 90-90-90 and zero stigma and discrimination targets. To do so, it is essential to strengthen the HIV prevention programs, to focus on key population and to fight for non- discrimination. A multidisciplinary approach, including national policies for routine HIV testing, improvement of harm-reduction programs and of the continuum of HIV care, in particular for key populations, needs to be implemented urgently. Social barriers should be removed and equal access to HIV diagnosis and treatment must be guaranteed! It is of major importance for HIV clinicians from Bucharest to intensify their collaboration with policy makers, NGOs and with the community.”

Cristiana Oprea
Associate Professor
Victor Babes Clinical Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases

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