London HIV 95-95-95 Targets (2022) PLHIV: 38,676




Source: Progress towards ending the HIV epidemic in the United Kingdom: 2019 report. Public Health England

London HIV Care Continuum (2022) PLHIV: 38,676




Source: Progress towards ending the HIV epidemic in the United Kingdom: 2019 report. Public Health England

Mayor's Message

“By signing London up as a Fast-Track City, we are taking on the challenge to end new HIV infections in the capital by 2030. We must be ambitious, and I am confident that by working together we can achieve this goal. As well as putting an end to new infections, I am clear that HIV-related stigma and discrimination must end too. Improving the quality of life and wellbeing of those living with HIV in London is a priority for me, which is why I’m proud to sign this commitment today.”

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London
Mayor's Office

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

City Hall, The Queen's Walk, London SE1 2AA

London FTC Signatories:

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“Improving residents’ health and wellbeing is a priority for London boroughs, which is why we were delighted to sign up to the HIV Fast-Track Cities initiative to spur on London’s fight against HIV. By working with colleagues across the capital we can be even more ambitious and build on the success of Do It London, the London borough-led HIV prevention campaign, and the remarkable 40 per cent decrease in HIV diagnoses seen in central London clinics recently.”

Cllr Ray Puddifoot
London Councils’ Executive member for health

“London is doing very well in HIV prevention and treatment, however there is still more work to be done which is why I’m delighted to pledge our support and sign up to the Fast-Track Cities Initiative. We are committed to working together to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people living with HIV and to eliminate stigma and discrimination.”

Jane Cummings
Regional Director (London) NHS England and Chief Nursing Officer England

“I am delighted that London is joining forces with other global cities to draw on our collective expertise and keep the pressure and focus on HIV. London has a proud history of innovative approaches to prevention together with excellent treatment and care for people living with HIV. Whilst we have seen a significant drop in new HIV diagnoses in gay and bisexual men in London there is still work to be done to ensure that this trend is seen in other population groups. To this end I am committed to work with and involve all populations in London to realise our ambition of ending new HIV infections by 2030.”

Yvonne Doyle
London Regional Director for Public Health England, and Statutory Health Advisor to the Mayor of London

“I am thrilled that London is joining the Fast-Track Cities Initiative and committing to achieving zero HIV stigma, transmissions and deaths by 2030. While we are already seeing new infections decrease as a result of achieving the 90/90/90 goals, there is still much to do in challenging public misconceptions and judgments about HIV. These stigmatising beliefs can have a significant impact on the quality of life of people living with HIV, so eliminating stigma has the potential to not only improve psychological wellbeing, but to reduce anxieties about testing which result in late diagnoses and deaths. It is the key to supporting health and wellbeing and engaging that final 10 per cent so that we can get to zero by 2030.”

Garry Brough
Chair of UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)

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