Blantyre 95-95-95 Targets (2023) PLHIV: 93249




Blantyre HIV Care Continuum (2023) PLHIV: 93249




Message from the Mayor

Blantyre City shares the belief that together in unity, we can reduce the impact of AIDS epidemic on those infected and affected. And because we have resolved to be a City in search of solutions to our problems, we will have no excuse if we do not stop the spread of HIV. We, as a City, agree to take action and our commitment is to end the epidemic.

His Worship Councillor Wild Ndipo
Mayor of Blantyre City
São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

As a Councillor, I believe that "prevention is better than cure". We, as community leaders are geared to support all HIV prevention interventions; primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. We are looking towards reducing new HIV cases by refocusing on vulnerable populations and improving the quality of lives for those who are HIV positive. The Fast-Track Cities Initiative will always be at the center of our agenda.

Councillor Getrude Chirambo
Health and Environment Committee, Blantyre City

Survival in people with HIV has greatly improved and new infections are decreasing. That is the sound of progress. To sustain the progress towards these goals, more effort and focus should be concentrated where the burden is high (cities), where communication is well covered, technology is widely accepted, networks are well established and the impact can be measured. Blantyre as a Fast-Track City is committed and dedicated to achieving the goals with high quality and community involvement for longer-term sustainability to end the epidemic.

Raphael K Kayambankadzanja
Blantyre City

Drop-In-Centers (DICs) have assisted us a lot, but because not everyone has access to DICs and also not everyone has declared his sexual orientation, we need government health facilities to be more sensitive to our population. The city should provide sensitive KP interventions such as esophageal and rectal cancer screening and behavior change and communication materials. With the training of health service providers in KP interventions, we also want the government to integrate MSM interventions into the nurse's training curriculum.

Anonymous MSM
Blantyre City

As a volunteer I have worked with PLHIV, encouraging them to stay on treatment, take medication at the right time and get screened for Opportunistic Infections. It becomes very easy to interact with those who are positive when you are also HIV positive because your experience becomes an asset to the community. Let us work together in the fight against HIV.

Anonymous Client Volunteer
Blantyre City

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