Buenos Aires 95-95-95 Targets (2021)




Source: En Equipo Publicacion de la Coordinacion Salud Sexual, Sida e ITS

Buenos Aires HIV Care Continuum (2015)




Note: Care continuum proportions are calculated out of number of PLHIV diagnosed

Source: En Equipo Publicacion de la Coordinacion Salud Sexual, Sida e ITS

Message from the Mayor

“For us, the values of non-discrimination and inclusion are very important. Buenos Aires is a tolerant city. You can count on us. We will implement the commitments we make by signing the Paris Declaration."

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta
Mayor of Buenos Aires
São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"PLWHA, women, men, children, relatives, and friends needed an answer to a question that was repeated year after year: Will it be possible to end the HIV epidemic?. Today we know that the answer is yes. If 90% of PLWHA would be aware of their serostatus, 90% of them would be on treatment and 90% could reach an undetectable viral load, by 2030 the epidemic could be under control. More numbers behind which there are human beings, dreams, and projects."

Dr. Pedro Cahn
Scientific Director
Fundación Huésped

“Buenos Aires and its surrounding, since it's the larger city and the capital, receive the second large group of PLWH and Key Populations. Also the internal migration an external diaspora. In Argentina, any person who steps in our soil have the rights for comprehensive care and treatment, and we expect this will not change in the short term. With combine prevention, scale-up testing and treating all, Buenos Aires could be the first city to see a decline in the number of new infection. We have the means; the science but we need much more political will.”

Javier Hourcade Bellocq
GNP+ board chair

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