Dar es Salaam 95-95-95 Targets (2022) PLHIV: 216,343




Source: Shared by the Ministry of Health of Tanzania - 2017 Tanzania HIV Impact Survey

Dar es Salaam HIV Care Continuum (2022) PLHIV: 216,343




Source: Shared by the Ministry of Health of Tanzania

Mayor's Message

"Ending AIDS means mobilizing more local resources, increasing investment in HIV prevention, through strong partnerships between public, private and community sectors."

Isaya Mwita Charles
Lord Mayor
São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

“The meaningful involvement for young people living with HIV and AIDS in decision making processes can support the young people living with HIV at all levels. Elimination for stigma and discrimination will support adolescents and young women living with HIV to access care, treatment and support at care and treatment centers. Having the friendly youth care, treatment and support will support increase treatment uptake at facilities that will enable improve adherence towards ending HIV epidemic towards three 90s strategies.”

Abdalah Suleiman
Treatment Literacy Trainer
Adolescents and Young Women living with HIV and AIDS

“Ending the HIV epidemic by 2030 needs combination prevention to key populations. Amending policies and guidelines is important for care and treatment to key populations targeting adolescents and young women living with HIV and AIDS. More intervention is needed for the three 90s which will target adolescent girls and young women.”

Dainess Antony
Senior Treatment Supporter

"Dar es Salaam is largest city in Tanzania with number of people living with HIV going around who derives from up countries and neighboring countries. All government health facilities are mostly for indigenous people around the city who can access easily HIV treatment, living the others no were to get information about the facilities and its protocol. Empowerment groups of people living with HIV could be considered in some of interventions of treatment literacy to community, to enable complimenting ending HIV epidemic in 2030 using the three 90s strategies."

Alex Margery
Executive Chair Person

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