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Message from the mayor

"HIV is becoming more and more treatable in industrialized countries. The City of Vienna provides excellent health care facilities with equal access for the entire population. Beyond that, Vienna being Fast-Track City commits itself to aims that are even more ambitious by implementing the 90:90:90 goals as well as Zero-Discrimination Policy. Until the year 2030, no new infections of HIV should occur. People living with HIV shall no longer suffer stigmatization and discrimination. These are truly ambitious goals but with united power, we will be able to reach this target."

Dr. Michael Ludwig
Mayor of Vienna
Department of health

Executive City Councillor Social Affairs, Public Health and Sports

Peter Hacker


Office for Women’s Health and Health Targets

Kristina Hametner

Strategic Healthcare – Health Care Planning

Tobias Schwenner

São Paulo

Community Leadership Messages

"We are proud, that Vienna is part of the Fast-Track Cities Initiative. Because we have to end HIV-related stigma fast. For us the access to comprehensive prevention for the most affected groups has to be put on top of the agenda - this includes biomedical prevention like PEP, TaP, and PrEP. This is the only way to achieve the 90-90-90-0 target by 2030."

Mag. Stefan Dobias
Aids Hilfe Wien

"When it comes to 90-90-90 in the context of HIV/AIDS Cities have a major responsibility. For us, it is of vital interest that Vienna is one of the important partners of this initiative. As Fast-Track Cities partner, we work together for a common goal: Only if we have access to comprehensive prevention and treatment for the most affected groups we can end the HIV epidemic by 2030."

Andrea Brunner
Managing Director
Aids Hilfe Wien

"The Fast-Track Cities Initiative is a global joint initiative of cities for the purpose of HIV and AIDS prevention. For Vienna, the participation functions as an engine for improved exchange of the different parties, clearly specified areas of action and responsibility, and the implementation of appropriate measures."

Peter Hacker
Executive City Councillor
Social Affairs, Public Health and Sports

"Equity in health is a guiding principle of the Viennese health targets. These health opportunities are unequally distributed for cases of HIV as well. To cast a light on this situation in Vienna and work together to develop measures targeted to the affected group has to be our objective."

Kristina Hametner
Office for Women’s Health and Health Targets

"(Self-) stigma is still the biggest barrier to openly talk about HIV! We therefore support and welcome the commitment of the city of Vienna to the international Fast-Track Cities network. Although medical advances have been groundbreaking in recent years, socio-politically we are lagging behind these advances. Through the initiative, we can more efficiently pursue and implement common goals such as low-threshold testing, early diagnoses, access to HIV therapy, and "zero" discrimination against people with HIV."

Wiltrut Stefanek
Self-help group “PULSHIV”

"Vienna was named the city with the highest quality of life. Hence, it should be possible to get the highest quality for HIV-care and stigma reduction. Vienna should be the example for a Fast-Track City."

Florian Breitenecker, MD
General Practitioner Specialised in HIV
FTC Steering Group, Vienna

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